Spring Creek Lodge Academy: Muay Thai

Out of a small black personal timer on my waist, a shrill cry is heard; and it has not come too soon. For the row of exhausted students in my midst running lap drills, it is a sweet sound as it signals the beginning of a one-minute round of rest. Some of the students go straight for their water bottles, some rest their heaving torsos on their weakened hips, while the rest shrug it off and keep jogging. All however, answer the next bell – the beginning of a new round and with it, a new drill.

This is Muay Thai Fundamentals, a new physical fitness class at Spring Creek Lodge Academy. Muay Thai, or Thai Kickboxing, is a dynamic and challenging martial art that utilizes the whole body in self-defense. Like other martial arts, Muay Thai is about self-improvement. For each of our two-hour training sessions, students work on a wide variety of skills. Some of our drills are designed to improve overall fitness while others are specific to the art. For two hours, we are in constant motion, getting a fantastic cardio-vascular workout while learning to move in new ways.

The purpose of Muay Thai is to learn about healthful habits. boxe muay thai During our training sessions students sweat out toxins, burn calories, build muscle, lose fat and increase energy levels. Moreover, all involved learn a great exercise routine that they can implement into their overall plans for a healthy lifestyle. Through disciplined training, students find that they can achieve their physical fitness goals, de-stress and learn to manage a host of emotional issues.

On many levels Muay Thai fits well into the Spring Creek environment. Like many of our studentsʼ programs, the art stresses a balance between proper thought and proper action. As in most avenues, a dedication and focus in the art brings improvement and success. For students to get the most out of martial art training, it is imperative that they cast from their minds all extrinsic thoughts visà- vis Muay Thai. In class we stress the moment, the mastering of each step, each breath in order to achieve our goals. For two hours, the myriad sources of stress from our busy days are set aside, for surely they will only hinder our work.

When I began studying Muay Thai six years ago, I felt as though I was learning to walk all over again. I couldnʼt perform a single technique properly and I couldnʼt keep myself free from the concomitant frustration and impatience I regularly aimed at myself. But through repetitive, disciplined work, and with a patient and calm mind, I was able to master the forms and techniques of the art, while enjoying and benefiting from the process.

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