The Best Way to Choose a Wood Floor Cleaner

One of the most popular flooring today is wooden flooring; it is popular because it is beautiful, adds value to the home, is long lasting and requires minimal maintenance. However, if you were to inquire from some homeowners who have floors made from natural hardwood what the best Wood Floor Cleaner is, the response would differ widely because wood floor cleaners are not a one size fit all situation. This is because wood comes in various forms ranging from oak, teak, laminate as well as others.

Today, you will find that most wood floors have either shellac or polyurethane coating. These coatings are used to protect the wood from moisture as well as dirt. The drawback to using these types of coating they deteriorate over time. One of the ways you can tell that the protective coating has deteriorated is its dull appearance.

Take precautionary measures before you use any cleaners made specifically for hardwood floors to protect your floor. Always sweep, or vacuum your wood floor prior to adding any wood cleaner. Select a floor cleaner that is appropriate for the type of floor and one that will not harm your floor. Floor Cleaner Cleaners are available in liquid form as well as in a paste. Paste cleaners clean the floor and provide a shine as well. Although paste cleaners work well with most wood flooring, it does not provide shine on laminate flooring.

Any type of spills or dirt that has been grounded in may require solvent or even chemicals to remove the stains. However, only use these types of products for spot cleaning, their purpose is removal of the finish to facilitate cleaning of the wood. After using these products, it is necessary to add finishing to the affected section.

It is important to read your Wooden Floor Cleaner label carefully before you apply to your flooring. Using the wrong floor cleaner may damage your flooring, which might cause you to replace the wood.

Avoid using any Wood Floor Cleaner that list ammonia or bleach as its ingredient. Always spot test any new floor cleaning products in an inconspicuous place prior to using the cleaner. Consider using throw rugs or mats to protect your wooden floor. This reduces the amount of dirt and grime that is place on your wooden floor and will allow you to enjoy the use of your wooden floor for a long time to come.

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